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Elven Legacy Collection

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Elven Legacy
Strategy, RPG, Turn-Based Strategy, Turn-Based

Elven Legacy: Magic
Strategy, Turn-Based Strategy

Elven Legacy: Ranger
Strategy, Turn-Based Strategy

Elven Legacy: Siege
Strategy, Turn-Based Strategy


  1. Sam

    As far as tactical RPGs go, this one is a hidden gem. The system actually works in this game, which means that with careful planning and thoughtful army construction (such as selecting the “correct” perks or selecting the ideal squad composition), you can overcome seemingly insurmountable odds and triumph. And it feels wonderful!

    Don’t misunderstand the setting, either. Yes, it’s obscenely colorful in here, and you’re playing… gross… elves… BUT! However, things quickly become a touch gloomy, even though you initially think, “Oh no, evil magician stole a great spell, let’s bring him to justice…!” As in “Genocide? Yeah, FOR POWAAH! “dark.

    Finally, there is a significant complaint concerning the turn restriction, which you should completely disregard. To begin with, it’s

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