Coffee Crawl




Coffee crawl is a mix of action RPG, survival, and roguelike; that means permanent death. You play as one of the survivor who must find the source of the phenomena and put a stop to it, since you have nothing else to do. There’s a slight learning curve in this game. You can learn the basic from the tutorial, but most stuff and interactions need to be discovered by player themselves, by playing and dying.

Explore randomly-generated levels; from an inconspicuously large basement to a spellbinding library.
Simple and fast-paced combat. No aiming skill required. You just have to know when to engage or retreat.
Build your character from a pool of 120+ abilities and customise your look.
Unlock more stuff as you play.
Tons of items.
Encounter 100+ different types of enemy.
Play by the rules, or go anarchy and do whatever you like. Just don’t get caught.
Money is scarce so manage you resources, mine for materials, craft items, trade, or just take a loan.
Employ the service of various NPCs scattered around the map or beat them for their lunch money.
Detailed diplomacy system; make friend or enemy with people you meet along the way.
Learn a weird language.


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