How to connect to a wallet?

  1. Accessing DODO from a computer
    1) Go to, then click on the “Connect to a wallet” button in the upper right corner


2) Read the risk disclaimer and confirm you have read, understood, and agree to the Terms of Service


3) Choose the wallet you wish to use.

i. MetaMask, a browser plugin wallet

ii. WalletConnect connects web applications to supported mobile wallets

Click on WalletConnect, scan the QR code with your mobile wallet, and confirm your phone connection to start using DODO.

Currently 3rd Party supported wallets in WalletConnect are: imToken, Math Wallet, TokenPocket, Trust Wallet, etc.

iii. Portis Wallet uses email to register or login into your wallet.

2. Accessing DODO from a mobile phone

1) Go to your mobile wallet, such as Metamask Mobile, imToken, Math Wallet, TokenPocket, BitKeep, Trust Wallet, etc., to find the app’s browser interface.

2) Enter in the search bar to access.

3) Click on “Connect Wallet” button at the bottom when you access it for the first time. Select the first option to make a transaction

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