How PolySteam Token Works

PolySteam Tokens give users large discounts (up to 80%) on steam game purchases. Simply pay for up to 80% of your order in PolySteam Tokens.

This allows long-term investors to earn large discounts on their games for the lifetime of the farm. Great stuff for gamers!!

But how are we able to offer such a great deal and be so confident about it? Easy!! Did you know that steam takes a massive 30% cut on every purchase you make!! Woah!! That means 10% to you 10% to u 10% to our farm’s Liquidity. Furthermore, Devs are able to give us large discounts when we buy 10 copies of the same game. This is usually around (20%) other times we get given a few keys here and there for free.

How does the farm work?

1 Single Token Pools

PolySteam Token – Fee 2% (100% Burnt)

2 Paired Liquidity Pools

Matic-PolySteam – Fee 3% (100% towards farm Liquidity)

USDC-PolySteam – Fee 3% (100% towards farm Liquidity)

Tx fee – 16% (10% towards games 6% towards farm Liquidity)

Purchase Fee = 5% Tokens(100% Burnt)

Purchase Cost = USDC – 30%-50% + PolySteam 50%-70% (95% burnt 5% marketing)

Emission Rate – 1 Token / Block = +-43,000 Tokens/Day

Initial Price – 100 Tokens = $0.01

Pool Multiplier

20x – PolySteam Pool

40x – USDC-PolySteam

40x – Matic-PolySteam

Later On More PolySteam will be available to mine through the DoDo platform.

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