What is PolySteam?

PolySteam is a token to help gamers get cheaper games through a long term investment. PolyFarmMiner token owners will earn PolySteam for staking

How will poly steam work?

Users stake their PolyFarm tokens and earn PolySteam tokens. PolySteam tokens can be used at checkout to give you a large discount on your steam game purchase. Your discount can be up to 80% payable in PolySteam tokens. Allowing and rewarding gamers with long-term benefits of cheaper games, greater token vercitility and strengthening token value. So what are you waiting for? Increase your steam library today!

Up to 80% Discount payable in tokens. (Directly payable with your mined tokens) Lower priced games(due to steam taking a 30% cut when buying through their store) We pass 10% on to you, 10% for us, and 10% into Liquidity. 100% Fees Burnt!! 16% tx Fee burn(10% for towards games purchase, 6% towards farm) 100% Burn of tokens used to purchase games!! (Increased sustainability) Great for Investors, HODLERS & Gamers. High APR 100% Deposit Fee added to liquidity (Used as buyback) 0% Dev emissions(most farms have 10%) Additional Bonuses + Giveaways Featured & Exclusive Pools Many games to choose from No emissions to Dev means Dev invests in their own project just as any user. (Thus Dev adds Liquidity) Very low Risk. True Value, means not merely for trade. Backed by actual steam games means real-world use case. Truly low Risk means a massive amount of tokens are burned and leave circulation forever. This is far more than a placebo since burnt tokens are exchanged for a real-world product. Thus decreasing inflation as these coins are not sold but instead burnt. (A very small amount will be sold from time to time to cover the cost of games and marketing, this will be kept to a minimum no more than 10% & any remaining funds will be added back to liquidity or used as buyback) No minimum investment especially for early investors. You will not regret even investing a single Dollar. It is even possible to invest merely $0.10. Due to the low bar to invest, very little is put at risk. (Invest what you can afford to lose means everyone is capable of making an investment with us with almost no worry if you have doubt try us!! To qualify for discounts user must hold @ least $1 of polyfarm & $2 polysteam liquidity + Must burn any token from any other farm to the value of 10% of the deposit paid. For example, if you get $10 discount payable in tokens you must burn $1 of other tokens. Both can be stake on Dodo for bonus tokens.

Official store of PolySteam Tokens.